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Background of the website

What do we do?

CyberOptions is a company specializing in cybersecurity, focused on managing, securing, and creating websites and virtual servers. We ensure the secure migration of your data, the configuration of powerful firewalls, and the refinement of performances, all for impeccable protection.

CyberOptions - Features

Why choose us?

Choosing CyberOptions means choosing unparalleled peace of mind thanks to our unfailing commitment to digital security. With a dedicated IP address for each customer, we preserve your online reputation while providing enhanced protection through the use of SSH PubKey and strict IPTables rules. Plus, our 24-hour support guarantees instant assistance, keeping you up and running at all times, no matter what challenge you face.

Server Package

We handle all aspects, from server setup to billing, as well as maintenance, to provide you with a comprehensive and hassle-free service. Here’s what the package includes:

– Strict IPTables Rules
– High-end Multi-layer Anti-DDoS Protection
– Use of SSH PubKey (Algorithms: RSA/4096 – ECDSA/521 – ED25519)
– Removing performance-affecting applications
– Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with exclusive subnet

CyberOptions - Server
CyberOptions - Web

Web Package

We handle website creation, overseeing all aspects from start to finish. This involves continuous maintenance and constant service optimization. It includes authorized account access solely via VPN and ultra-fast bandwidth, ensuring exceptional web performance. Here’s what the package offers:

– Tailor-made website construction
– Installation of a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

– External firewall with malicious packet detection
– Account strengthened by 2FA and access allowed only via VPN
– Bandwidth up to 2500 Mbit/s
– Unlimited storage

Included in the packages

For an optimal experience, our packages include daily backups with triple data replication, 24/7 available support, and failures detection in just 10 seconds.

Requests and projects

For project inquiries or collaboration opportunities, feel free to send us a message.
Phone: +1 (819) 282-6926

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